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So you can keep up to date with the current situation we are delighted to let you know the members of the Administration Committee are now the TRUSTEES of the museum and are committed to continue with the work to further progress forward. This will continue through the four established Workstreams:

Workstream 1: Ensuring there is a continual liaison with the day to day arrangements at Woodlands Garden Centre including the displays and volunteers
Workstream 2: Sustainability of the Aims of the Charity, Trustees & Museum
Workstream 3: Media (Internet & Web site, Newsletters & Fund raising)

The Trustees are made up from these key people:

Jeremy Beech (Chair)
Trish Hopkins (Secretary)
Rob “Dusty” Miller
Roger Lewis (Curator)
John Meakins (Assistant Curator)
Alan Wells
Gary Whitworth (Vice Chair)
Dennis Howe
Howard Myers (Treasurer)